Mainstream Fabrications and Capabilities

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At Mainstream Packaging, we can make anything out of steel or metal - we can work from customer designs or design it ourselves from customer requirements. We specialize in steel-returnable containers, material handling, sheet metal fabrications and welding using mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

At Mainstream Packaging, we have:

  • Extensive Experience: Mainstream Packaging has over 40 years of direct fabrication work experience.
  • Design Capability: We can design custom packaging that maximizes line-side efficiency and shipping quality and provides excellent part protection. We use AutoCAD to provide quick and precise design of prototypes and first-off production samples you can test in your facility.
  • Quality Control: We use unique - and superior - fixturing techniques, and quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Plus, we’re always striving to make it even better!
  • Superior Customer Service: We know we have to earn your business, and do so with unparalleled customer service, and a competitively priced, quality product. Give us a job and you don't have to worry about quality or delivery.

How can Mainstream Packaging help you? Please contact us or view our fabrication products.

Mainstream Packaging can design custom packaging

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